Take that long-awaited vacation

Grace Exceeding, Inc. provides planned short-term and time-limited breaks for your primary caregivers. With our respite care, they can have more time to take care of themselves as we temporarily take over. Giving love and attention is always a great joy, but it can also be overwhelming for caregivers.

A short relief from the demanding responsibility can be vital for someone’s health. It can help sustain the health and well-being of your family caregiver. Avail of respite services to give them a much-needed rest.

Our respite may include:

  • Senior companion
  • Planning and preparing nutritionally sound meals
  • Routine, light housekeeping and laundry
  • Assistance with personal care, including bathing and toiletin
  • Fulfilling daily activities

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We customize our services to meet the developmental disability needs of our clients who need support and assistance. Contact us now.

child with disability smiling with her teacher